Wholesale & Discounts


Discounts are offered for larger orders-
They are automatically applied to your shopping cart in the following instances :

5% OFF the cost of goods with a value greater than $750

10% OFF the cost of goods with a value greater than $1500

12.5% OFF the cost of goods with a value greater than $2500

*Shipping costs not included in calculation.

* Calculation applies to each order not to purchases accumulated over time.


Our wholesale section - for customers wanting to purchase larger quantities.
No ABN or business name required!  Wholesale prices are offered subject to minimum quantities being purchased.  Use the button above to go to the wholsale section and browse for products minimum quantities and prices.  Generally wholesale prices are offered for quantities greater than 10 but some products like bolsters require a purchase of just 4 and some mats just 6. Call or email us if you have any questions.

The discounts listed above also apply to wholesle purchases.