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iYogaprops and Carbon Neutral

iYogaprops is passionate about caring for our environment and that’s why we are proud to announce we are officially carbon neutral.

We aim to offset all of our product sales and business activity by investing in carbon capture through native forest regeneration.

We calculate the total weight of goods we sell and invest in an equivalent weight of carbon in the form of native forest.

Iyogaprops And Carbon Neutral

We achieved this outcome though our support for Carbon Neutral and their regeneration of degraded farmland in Western Australia.

Because growing tress takes some time to achieve the full draw down of carbon, Carbon Neutral make shorter term investments in renewable energy production so that there is an immediate carbon dioxide reducing effect of our investment.

Along with this we source quality products and urge our customers to keep up their yoga proactive but use there props for a lifetime of practice.  That way the carbon the props contain stays out of the waste stream and out of the atmosphere. Of course we urge that you take this approach to all consumption. Buy recycled where possible, buy only what is actually needed, buy quality and look after things.  Where it is necessary to dispose of goods, seek out recycling options.

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