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iYogaprops is for the yoga teacher or student searching for locally developed and sustainably manufactured yoga equipment for their Iyengar yoga or wider yoga practice.
Established by two Melbourne-based yoga practitioners in 2001, iYogaprops continues to design, develop, craft, source, and supply a range of props that will help the beginner to achieve correct alignment and posture in their practice, and the experienced yoga practitioner to achieve depth through challenging asanas.

Yoga Equipment that is Proudly Carbon Neutral
The team at iYogaprops have always cared deeply about the environment, striving to create yoga equipment that has a positive, rather than a negative environmental impact. In late 2019 our company became carbon-neutral by offsetting 100% of our products in the form of native forest re-vegetation. Through our investment in the work of the Australian organisation Carbon Neutral we continue to ensure that our props, and our work in general, are forces for good.

Enrich Your Practice with the Resources in Our Yoga Equipment Store

iYogaprops was born out of the belief that yoga can have benefits for everyone in the community. The restorative practice of yoga should not be off-limits to those with disabilities, stiffness, or other restrictions that keep them from achieving yoga poses without the use of props. Our yoga equipment can be used in class or at home. We also supply a variety of books and DVDs to provide inspiration and instruction.

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