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Bolster Comparison Chart

The most common size of yoga bolster used in yoga studios are our large sized bolsters. 72cm long and 23cm diameter.

Used to provide support for restorative asanas, Yin Yoga, gentle back bends, sitting poses and many other poses.

Bolster Comparison Chart 1

Currently we have three different yoga bolsters to choose from. We have our Standard Yoga Bolster, our ECO Cotton bolster and our Eco PET Bolster.

All of are bolsters are packed firmly, however it is possible to remove some fill if you prefer a softer feel. They are all the same length, shape and diameter and are available with our Organic Cotton Covers.

The difference between the three bolsters is the fill. Our Standard Bolster has synthetic fill and is our budget option, ECO Cotton Bolster has cotton fill which is fibre made from discarded clothing, and our ECO PET fill made mostly from discarded PET bottles and plastics.

At iYogaprops we consider our environmental impacts a crefully, therefore we have decided that re-using existing fill material is a better option than our discontinued organic cotton fill range.

Bol Comp Table