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Strange times but yoga is helping us through

What an amazingly strange time we are living through.  Since March our lives have been transformed in so many ways.

Many yoga schools have been offering online classes and many students and teachers have found much to like about this format and way of practicing. It looks like online classes will be here with us long after the covid pandemic passes.

Yoga has provided a wonderful way for many of us to endure lockdown and social distancing. So much great feedback and so many expressions of gratitude have come from many students at my yoga school. For my part, I’m getting used to teaching from the loungeroom.

Strange Times But Yoga Is Helping Us Through
  • April 19th, 2023
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We are in Victoria, and are of course subject to the strongest lockdown for well publicised reasons.  The surge in community transmission seems to be coming under control finally as I write on 24 August.

In other states yoga schools have been able to re-open with Covid safe plans.  Washing equipment after all classes is difficult but doable and allows us to get back into the studio.

Of course washing blankets, cushions and bolsters after each class is more problematic.  That’s why we at iYogaprops have developed not only a simple personal class kit of mat, blocks, belt and eye pillow with bag, but we have now added a way of using the bolsters and cushions at your yoga school safely. Bolster and cushion slip covers are now available. See the blog post Covid Safe Practice.

Keep safe and keep up your practice.

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