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Yoga Blankets

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Like a yoga mat, a yoga blanket is an extremely simple prop that most people would be familiar with. Using a folded blanket (or two, or three) can help provide firm support for difficult poses, or extra cushioning for sore joints.

Yoga blankets are useful in Sukasana, or any seated pose, and can provide warmth, or a more comfortable base for meditation than a yoga mat alone.

Traditional, Affordable Yoga Blankets

Yoga blankets are a simple prop that should be available to anyone. You may have found that your household blankets are either too bulky or too soft to provide the support you require. Our traditional iYoga Blankets are made from a cotton blend to provide the quality and density needed for your practice. The fibre used is sourced sustainably from clothing waste, keeping a valuable by-product out of landfill and giving it a second life as your new yoga blanket.

Eco-Friendly Cotton Yoga Blankets

For an even more environmentally friendly option, choose our 100% cotton Eco Blankets. We choose reclaimed cotton for our blankets because we believe it is a more environmentally friendly option than organic cotton. Organic cotton must still be grown using enormous amounts of water and processed using energy and resources. The post-garment production cotton we salvage would be a waste product if not reclaimed and given a purpose as a useful textile.

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