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Our industry benchmark yoga bolsters are of the highest quality, produced to iYogaprops exacting specifictions. Filled with environmentally friendly recycled fibre (fibre from post consumer products) they are firm yet soft to touch and will hold their shape for many years. The covers are from fabric woven from organically grown cotton. The covers feature a convenient carry handle at both ends, a feature we introduced to yoga bolsters almost 20 years ago and now commonplace.

The bolsters are ethically produced in a semi rural area of southern India. The centres at which production occurs, though modest, have been designed and built with employee safety and decent working conditions in mind. We strive to minimise dying and bleaching of products to protect local waterways. We also decline plastic packaging.

As with all iYogaprops products we work to keep our margins and therefore your price as low as possible. For the quality our price betters all others.

Wholesale orders can be made right here - all depends on the quantities you select - no ABN or business name required.

Shipping can be calculated on our cart page with no hidden costs at the checkout.

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Our bolsters also known as bolster pillows are designed to provide support for a variety of restorative and supine poses. Made from high-quality organic and recycled materials, the iYogaprops range of bolsters further our mission to be kind to the environment while supplying the equipment that helps yoga practitioners whether novice or advanced.

Each bolster is made to iYogaprops’ exacting specifications so that it will last through many years of home or studio use.

Fast delivery of Bolsters to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Beyond

The purpose of yoga props is not to complicate the practice, but to provide an easier way for students to achieve correct posture and the many benefits that difficult poses can bring. We also wanted to make it simple for everyone to access yoga props like our bolsters. Sydney to Perth, Tasmania to Darwin, you will find straightforward and economical online shipping available from iYogaprops. You will also find our bolsters and other props available for use at studios throughout Australia.

What shape and size?

We keep our range of yoga bolsters simple. The vast majority of bolsters in use in yoga schools and homes are standard size (72cm long x 23cm diameter) round bolsters.  While yoga schools sometimes appear to have old oval bolsters, this is simply the inevitable destiny of a round bolster.   Beware a product which is soft and compressible when new.  It is a poor quality bolster and will soon collapse.  Our bolsters are firmly packed and will hold their shape for many years. The inner covers are provided with a zipper so you may if you wish remove some of the filling for a flatter bolster.  We recommend storing the filling though as it will become necessary to replace it in time.

Eco-Friendly Yoga Bolsters for Everyone

We describe our entire bolster range as "Eco". Did you know that even organically grown cotton bolster stufffing can use up to 100 tonnes of irrigation water per bolster!!  Our Bolsters are filled with fibre made from recycled PET drink bottles or from post consumer cotton clothing. Keeping Pet bottles out of landfill and our oceans is obviously desirable. Likewise keeping old clothing out of landfill is far preferble tohan growing new cotton with its heavy enviromentla cost.  Becasue our bolsters are  verywell made they should last a lifetime avoiding the need for replacement.

Organic Cotton Yoga Bolster Covers

Making cloth from recycled fibre is a little more difficult. That is why we supply organicaly grown cotton yoga bolster covers - a close second for sustainability that will break down naturally should you ever need to dispose of your bolster.  We introoduced the unbleached cottton cover into our range for those who would like to help us avoid the use of damaging bleaches and dyes.

Yoga Bolsters for Australia

Our aim is to manufacture and supply yoga bolsters to Australia that yoga instructors and home practitioners alike can rely on for durable service. Firmly packed, featuring high-quality materials and finishes such, sturdy drill organic cotton covers with reinforced carry handles at each end, with overlock stitching that prevents fraying in the wash, we want you to get as much use as possible out of your iYogaprops bolster.

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