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Meditation or Sarvangasana (shoulder stand) cushions are a must have for any Australian yoga practitioner. Whether you’re supporting sitting poses or practicing shoulder stand, iYoga Cushions offer the ideal combination of comfort and firmness.

We’ve supplied yoga equipment for more than two decades, and we continue to push the boundaries of innovation and ingenuity. Our meditation and shoulder stand cushions are no exception. Our cushions are comfortable yet firm, user-friendly, and durable. Order yours today and see why.

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Our Yoga Cushion Collection

Adequate support should never be thought of as something only required by beginners. Everyone needs support, and whether you use your yoga cushion in seated poses, shoulder stands (two cushions required) or Pranayama, you can be assured of a stable and supportive base.

Yoga props, including the yoga cushion, are an excellent way for students to develop skills and familiarity with various poses. Once any initial discomfort has been overcome, students may have the increased confidence, strength or flexibility needed to achieve and maintain the pose without props.

For many practitioners, props will continue to be an everyday aid to their practice. If you need a reliable yoga cushion or meditation cushion, simply order online and we’ll ship it directly to your door!

Order a Brand-New Meditation Cushion

Need a new meditation cushion for your home or studio? Made from eco-friendly materials, our cushions are both comfortable and highly functional.

Here at iYogaprops, we also believe in creating multipurpose items that allow you to live a more sustainable life with less clutter and less waste. This is why we create every product in line with carbon neutral and sustainable practices.

Our Environmentally Responsible Yoga Cushion Range

We acknowledge that the quest to live a more sustainable life is an ongoing journey for all of us. Cushion covers are finished with the seam overlocking that will prevent premature fraying, and the covers are removable so that you can wash them without damaging the foam inner. This also allows you to replace the foam and cover separately should you need to do so in future.

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