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Shoulder Stand & Meditation Cushion

Our yoga cushions are designed and manufactured to our specifications to ensure they meet the highest possible standards for your yoga practice. In addition we consider your budget by keeping costs low whilst not compromising on quality.

Please note the covers are made a little bigger than the cushion to allow for any shrinkage in washing.

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Adequate support should never be thought of as something only required by beginners. Everyone needs support, and whether you use your yoga cushion in seated poses, shoulder stands (two cushions required) or Pranayama, you can be assured of a stable and supportive base.

Sometimes the stability and comfort provided by yoga props is what allows students to overcome their fears or discomfort to attain, or at least work towards, a pose and an alignment that they did not think was possible. Once this fear or discomfort has been overcome, students may have the increased confidence, strength or flexibility needed to achieve and maintain the pose without props. However, the goal is not to practice prop-free. For many practitioners props will continue to be the everyday aids to their practice as indispensable as that prop that everyone sees as inseparable from yoga practice itself - the yoga mat!

Meditation Cushions

Here at iYogaprops we believe in providing those multipurpose and durable items that allow you to live a more sustainable life with less clutter and less waste. Our supportive cushions not only double as comfortable meditation cushions, they are made with high-quality materials and finishes to last longer as they serve their dual purpose.

Environmentally Responsible Yoga Cushions

We acknowledge that the quest to live a more sustainable life is an ongoing journey for all of us. With a commitment to providing the best products that we can, we have sourced only organic cotton for our iYoga cushions. The covers are finished with the seam overlocking that will prevent premature fraying, and the covers are removable so that you can wash them without damaging the foam inner. This also allows you to replace the foam and cover separately should you need to do so in future, preventing unnecessary waste if only the cover or cushion is worn.

High-Quality Foam Yoga and Meditation Cushions

Manufacturing our yoga cushions from a light, yet sturdy foam cuts down on energy costs in production, while still producing a consistently high-quality product that is built to last for longer.