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The foundation of a good yoga practice begins with finding the right yoga mat for you.

iYogaprops offer a range of hand-picked quality yoga mats catering from the needs of the budget conscious to the needs of the serious yoga practitioner.

Our non-slip yoga mats are eco-friendly, budget friendly and long lasting.

Need some yoga mat care tips?

Not sure which yoga mat to choose?

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  1. The popular and well priced easy grip yoga mat, great for travel and home. 10% discount on purchases for Feb 2020

  2. Studio Yoga mat is a high density and 6mm thick yoga mat.

  3. Our premium natural rubber mat.

    Manufactured from natural renewable products and is biodegradable.

  4. The deluxe studio mat.

    Designed for high rotation studio use and long life

  5. Our extra long version of studio yoga mats for taller folks.

    Colours: Black
    Measurements: 200cm x 60cm x 6mm

  6. Cork one side / natural rubber the other.

    183 long x 61 wide x 5mm

  7. New Nightfall Nightfall

    The new generation Kurma Grip - 6.5mm version

    Available in 3 colours

  8. New Twilight Twilight

    The new generation Kurma Grip - 4.2mm version

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8 Item(s)