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How to Use a Yoga Chair - Backbends

Turn your chair away from the wall. Sit through the chair and take your feet flush into the wall. Have the top of your sacrum and the bottom of your shoulder blades resting on the seat of your chair, your legs straight and feet firm into the wall. Hold the front legs of the chair and keeping your lower front ribs down, curl your upper spine over the edge of the chair and release your neck towards the floor. If your neck is hurting, support it with two bricks. Keep your feet firm into the wall and extend your arms from the sides of the waist, palms facing each other.

This will open your top chest. To open the lower back you can do the same pose with a rolled blanket under your lumbar spine. This is great preparation for back bending and helps to align the right and left side of the body. The Benger is also a great add-on for the yoga chair for this purpose.

Our iYogaprops Chair and Benger set designed and manufactured to our specifications just for yoga practice.

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Suitable for beginners and advanced students.