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How to Use a Yoga Chair - General

Now you have your yoga mat, what other props might come in handy? If you’re practising shoulderstand you’ll need four blankets and a belt. You’ll also use two bricks for everything from standing poses to forearm balance and dog pose.

How To Use A Yoga Chair General

The intelligent use of props helps us gain access to poses that otherwise might be too challenging, and can teach us the correct shape and alignment to aim for. The mark of a well-equipped yoga practice space is a chair, and if you’re going to have one of these you may as well have two! The yoga chair is invaluable for making all kinds of poses accessible and for allowing us to stay in the pose longer. The chair was introduced to yoga practice by Mr BKS Iyengar. It’s use has become an art form in itself, inspiring many books and DVDs. Seniors or people who have trouble standing can access many of yoga’s benefits using the chair. It’s also useful for teenagers and stiffer people coming to yoga for the first time.

Whole yoga classes are taught on the chair and you’d be surprised how hard you can work sitting on a chair! For a beginning yoga student chairs are used for twists, backbends, forward bends and inversions. More advanced practitioners use the chair for deeper backbending. Like the rest of your yoga equipment, a yoga chair issomething you will continue to find more uses for as your practice develops.

How to use a Yoga Chair – Simple Twists COMING SOON
How to use a Yoga Chair – Backbend through the Chair

Our iYogaprops Chair and Benger set designed and manufactured to our specifications just for yoga practice.

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Buy our wonderful book A Chair for Yoga by Senior Iyengar Yoga Teacher Eyal Shifroni – a practical guide that will teach you everything you need to know about using a chair to improve your practice of yoga!

Suitable for beginners and advanced students.


Yoga on the Chair DVD presents a unique hatha yoga sequence on the chair. Yoga on the Chair includes a full yoga class plus meditation and relaxation sessions.

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Suitable for beginners and advanced students.

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