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The foundation of a good yoga practice begins with finding the right yoga mat for you.

For minimum impact on the environmemt iYogaprops offer a range of hand-picked quality eco yoga mats.

From this range you can find a yoga mat that lessens the impact of enviromental harm for your yoga practice.

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  1. Our premium natural rubber mat.

    Manufactured from natural renewable products and is biodegradable.

  2. The new generation Kurma Grip - 6.5mm version

    Available in 3 colours

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Here at iYogaprops we want to provide the very best yoga mats from around the world (as well as ones designed here in Melbourne) so that everyone can have the ideal foundation for their yoga practice. We also acknowledge that minimising environmental impact can be a delicate equation, and it is something we have taken into careful consideration when curating our range of eco yoga mats.

For this reason, we class two different types of mats as eco-friendly. The first type has been made from all-natural, sustainable materials, and the second from durable materials designed to last a lifetime.

Natural Rubber and Cork Eco Yoga Mats

Our rubber yoga mats are made from natural rubber sourced from rubber trees, not the synthetic type that you may find in other products claiming to be eco yoga mats. Our Sadhaka Deluxe Cork Yoga Mat is made of sustainably harvested bark from the cork oak tree and is 100% biodegradable. It is also naturally antimicrobial, meaning you won’t have to use any products to clean it.

Eco Yoga Mats That Can Last a Lifetime

The Kurma Sadhana mats that we sell offer sustainability and eco-friendly credentials of a different stripe. Manufactured using tested & certified 100% non-toxic medical grade PVC, the extreme durability of these yoga mats means that with a little care they should last you a lifetime. This breaks the consumer waste cycle. The mats are manufactured, sold, and ideally never see landfill.