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How to Use a Yoga Chair - Twists

Chair twist

Sit on your chair with your right side to the back of the chair. Put a brick between your knees and keep the knees even as you turn. Inhale, lift the sides of your waist and exhaling turn to the right. Take your hands onto the back rest of the chair and lift and spread the front chest, keeping the floating ribs in. Repeat to the left.

You can also take your legs through the back of the chair and twist to the right, walking your right hand around the back of the chair seat to increase your twist. Repeat to the left. An excellent asana in its own right, chair twist can also help you prepare for the twisting standing poses like Pavritta Trikonasana and the sitting twists like Marichyasana III.

Person demonstrating yoga twist on chair. Sitting sideways twisting to rear of chair

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