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Shoulder Stand Kit

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Save 10% with this custom Shoulder Stand Kit including everything you need for Sarvangasana

Includes everything you need for Sarvangasana in one handy kit.

  • 2 x Shoulder Stand Cushions in your choice of colour

  • 1 x Yoga Blanket with white stripe

  • 1 x Sarvangasana Band

iYoga cushion uses firm upholsterer's foam made from recycled and rebonded foam with removable organic cotton cover. All seams are overlocked to prevent fraying. Provides positive support in sitting poses, shoulder stand (2 required) and Pranayama. Will not collapse.

With 60% cotton content, the Yoga Blanket is carefully finished to iYogaprops specs with edge binding.  Our yoga blanket is both soft and dense to provide the support required for yoga poses with comfort. Can be folded and rolled to provide firm but comfortable support. Use for support in Sarvangasana (shoulder stand), sitting poses, prone poses and as a shawl when sitting or in Savasana.

Unique to iYogaprops, our very own Sarvangasana (shoulder stand) band is an elasticised loop band useful as a softer more flexible support option for should stand and other asanas.

The wider band width makes it more comfortable around the upper arms, and doesn't dig in like a belt can in those longer shoulder stands. No need to adjust or tighten with your arms behind your back!

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