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Themed Asana Classes- Class 5 - Kosas

Developing practitioners (Intermediate students)

A 90-minute class. Audio instruction by Alan Goode. Suitable for developing students of Iyengar yoga.

Philosophical theme - Kosas and integration

Skill Level -  Developing (Intermediate level practitioners)

See Asana list on right - hover over the larger image to zoom.

Layers of experience: experiences can touch us physically,
physiologically, mentally, emotionally, and intellectually.
Our experiences are not one-dimensional. An experience
maybe in the body and yet it is not devoid of emotions, and
how we understand the experience, in turn, affects what we feel.
In the Yoga Sutras, Patanjali refers to the layers of experience as ‘kosas’7
(or sheaths). The practice of asana becomes a
practice of Yoga when it does not merely aim to align the body but to align the kosas. These kosas are noted below:

Sourced from Yoga Sadhana available now from our online book store.

Presented by: Alan Goode
Produced by: Yoga Mandir
Class length: 90 mins
Audio file size: 41MB
PDF: 25kb

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