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About Eco Bolsters

About iYogaprops Eco Bolsters

Why would you purchase our Eco Bolsters instead of the cotton filled bolster?

  • Cotton production requires 22.5 tonnes of water per kilogram* or almost 100 tonnes of water per bolster!
  • Reduces landfill and litter from plastic bottles
  • Gives a value to used PET – encouraging its collection
  • Lightweight but just as firm as cotton (Eco = 2.6kg/ Cotton = 4kg)
  • Great for those with allergies. Non-allergenic
  • Easy to care for and easy to reshape
  • Not prone to felting and flattening over time like cotton
About Eco Bolsters

About The Filling
Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) is the type of plastic used to produce beverage packs such as soft drinks and water bottles. Is now floating on our oceans.

Before the recycled PET is used, it passes through a number of processes. Prior to sterilisation, the bottles are collected and stripped of their labels and lids. The bottles are then shredded, heated and extruded back into a compressed fibre. the last process turns the fibre into a fluffy mixture ready for use.

iYogaprops recycled PET bolster inserts are filled with 100% PET fibre. They look and feel similar to a high-grade polyester filling, but have a greater resilience and will hold their shape for longer.

For every 1kg of fibre used, we save more than 70 drink bottles from landfill. For every 1kg of cotton not used we save 22.5 tonnes of water. This is a very significant concern for India. (*See this article for more details.)

Cotton production is mostly in India’s dry north and requires massive amounts of energy through the electricity grid to pump the water from ever deepening aquifers. The electricity is derived mostly from coal power stations and therefore adds to greenhouse gas pollution.

Find your eco bolster here: iYogaprops Eco Bolsters are of the quality and finish you’ve come to expect from us. We are dedicated to finding yoga prop solutions that are economical, practical and low fuss AND which reduce our impact on the natural environment.

Source Water Footprint Network

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