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Keeping Up Your Practice In The Winter Season

Winter presents challenges on many levels.
Here are some tips for getting to your practice when it all seems toooo hard.

Keeping Up Your Practice In The Winter Season
  • April 19th, 2023
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  • Do a short practice. Ten minutes daily or even every second day is better than a longer practice occasionally. Allow yourself to build up over time.
  • Do mostly poses that you enjoy and only one or two that challenge you (but do try to throw in a challenge)
  • Use some props to support you and your alignment. It’ll help you to practice more often, for longer, and with greater clarity
  • Practice with a friend or a practice group for mutual support and encouragement
  • Go to classes and feed off the teacher’s energy and experience (but find a good, well-qualified one!)

Or if the energy to get into an Asana practice just isn’t there…

  • Do some Pranayama.  Simple Ujjayi or Viloma breathing is very settling and really helps set the day off on a positive note. Laying down or sitting up with support is fine. Ten or 15 minutes is great.
  • Do a quality Savasana.  If you have trouble remaining present, go through the process of relaxing your whole body and then turn your attention to the breath.  Formulate a silent sound on each out-breath such as the sound of the word “one”. As you notice the mind has drifted, simply return to the breath…”Wunnn”  It is infinitely better to do a good Savasana than to do no practice at all.
  • Read some words of inspiration or wisdom from a favourite author.  If you don’t have one try reading “Light on Life” or “The Tree of Yoga” by Iyengar.  A page or two a day can really help.

Peter Harley is a qualified Iyengar teacher at Yarraville Yoga Centre