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Introductory Yoga Kit with Book


Ready to practice! Perfect simple kit for beginners with 4 items.

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Ready to go!

This yoga kit is perfect for beginners wanting to start practice from home. Start out with the basics in an affordable way, the very popular book "How To Use Yoga" to get the most out of your practice. The kit is also lightweight enough to take along to class at your yoga studio.

Introductory Yoga Kit with Book includes:

  • 1 x Easy Grip Yoga Mat, in your choice of colour

  • 1 x 32mm x 2m long yoga Snap Buckle Belt, in your choice of colour 

  • 1 x  high-density foam block, in your choice of colour

  • 1 x Book  "How to Use Yoga" by Mira Mehta including step by step guides and over 450 demonstration photographs.

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