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Golden Gems of Resolve and Commitment for 2019

Although the 1st day of January officially marks the start of each new year, the languid slowness of summer in the southern hemisphere allows this starting point to stretch out throughout the entire month. You can take full advantage of the magnificent slowness of this time, to draw up the aspirations, wishes, dreams, and ambitions that play in the field of your mind, and so gradually coalesce resolutions that are worth attending.

In yoga, the Sanskrit word utsav, can be defined as a ‘container through which Consciousness moves’. One of the qualities of Consciousness is that it moves where and how it is directed. When we speak about utsav, we are referring also to what is being infused into Consciousness as it moves through a container.

Golden Gems Of Resolve And Commitment For 2019
  • April 20th, 2023
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In your yoga practice, you will already be aware of how your thoughts, your attitude, or willingness to surrender to the language of the body, shapes your experience of asana. Let’s take this process a few steps further.

Below are a set of questions and a process you can engage with to mine the wisdom of your own heart, and reveal the resolutions that will support the next stage in your evolution as a yoga practitioner, and as a teacher. Engaging in this process will yield golden gems that will become resolutions that will be worthy of your attention and commitment.

  • What are you infusing into your yoga practice?
  • How does, what you infuse into your practice, shape the practice itself?
  • How does, what you infuse into your practice, shape your life?
  • What do you infuse into the body of your teaching practice i.e. your class sequences?
  • What do you infuse into each class?
  • How does what you infuse into your yoga teaching practice shape the class?
  1. Begin the process by setting aside about 10-60 minutes of your time (depending on your daily commitments). Take yourself to a clean quiet place where you won’t be interrupted.
  2. Choose a question to work with then hold it in the temple of your mind. Read it to yourself out loud, several times. Sit quietly.
  3. Allow the question to brew i.e. Write it down. Write it several times if you like. To take you deeper, you can use a dictionary to sharpen your understanding of any word in the question that strikes your attention.
  4. Sit quietly for 1-3 minutes
  5. Write down what arises for you.

 You can repeat this process as the calling arises, immediately, or at another time.

 As you engage with these questions you will become clearer about your own personal yoga practice and how your body is calling you to attend and evolve it. You will also make discoveries about your path as a yoga teacher, and how you can serve your students more fully to experience the benefits of yoga.

 As you step into this bright new year, we at IYogaprops offer you this blessing.

May your personal practice flourish and yield great benefits for you, your family, and your friends.

May your work as a yoga teacher evolve and yield great benefits for your students and your community.


Megan Harley   Copyright 2019

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