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Teachers Demonstration Mat


New from iYogaprops the Teachers Demonstration Mat.

A unique mat system, designed to allow a cross mat configuration without the lumps and bumps of two individual mats.

New from iYogaprops the Teachers Demonstration Mat 6mm.
A new mat system which allows a cross configuration of mats for maximum utility when practicing or demonstrating. Perfect for teachers.
Teachers often use crossed over mats for demonstration purposes but they have the inconvenience of a raised surface at the centre and raised edges which can catch the toes.
Demo mat gives the utility of crossed mats without the lumps. Perfect for teachers demonstrating poses from both angles and great for the dedicated practitioner seeking maximum mat utility.
Teachers Demonstration mat utilises our premium Sadahaka Deluxe Studio mat. Available in Black/Grey 1.9 metres long or Dark blue/Light blue, 1.83 metres long. *
* Note- Colours Black/grey refers to top surface black under side grey; Dark blue/Light blue refers to dark blue top, light blue underneath.

Teachers Demonstration Mat can be used with any 6mm thick mat with width 610mm - 615mm  It is ideally suited for use with a Sadhaka Deluxe Studio Mat.

About the Sadhaka Deluxe Studio Yoga Mat

Developed with our partners to be a high quality, high grip, long lasting studio mat.

Designed for high rotation studio use and long life, the Sadhaka Deluxe offers outstanding grip performance with firm cushioning.

At an affordable price this durable mat is the perfect choice for the modern yoga studio or for many years of dedicated home practice.

Dimensions: 93cm x 190cm x 6mm thick (black and grey) 63cm x 183cm x 6mm (blue and light blue)
Weight: 4.8kg
Material: 6P free Eco PVC

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