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A Class after a Class

Covers sequencing of asanas, timings and the technical intricacies.

A ‘Class’ after a Class covers various aspects of Iyengar Yoga practices which somehow cannot be covered in a practical class, including sequencing of asanas, the importance given to timings and the technical intricacies. This book from the Iyengar Institute explains lucidly as to how the mind is involved in ones practices, how the mind influences ones practices with very practical examples. A ‘Class’ after a Class guides one in ones practices through various stages and ages of life.

"Interviewed by Christine Perre in August 1998 at the R.M.I.Y.I with the participation of Cathy Boyer, Corine Briria and Jean-Marie Perre."

Format: Paperback | 58 Pages

Dimensions: 140 mm X 215 mm X 3 mm

Publication date: August 1998

Author: Prashant Iyengar

Publisher: Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute and The light on Yoga Research Trust

Publication City/ Country: New York, United States

Language: English

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