The foundation of a good yoga practice begins with finding the right yoga mat for you.

iYogaprops offer a range of hand-picked quality yoga mats catering from the needs of the budget conscious to the needs of the serious yoga practitioner.

Our non-slip yoga mats are eco-friendly, budget friendly and long lasting.

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Yoga mats are the prop that you will see in almost any studio or home. Our extensive range aims to provide the variety that is needed for all our customers to make their own informed choice as to which mat is best for their needs and preferences.

From serviceable mats for the budget-conscious to mats for the advanced practitioner, all of our mats have been manufactured with care for the environment. Whether that is shown simply in the high-quality materials that means they will last longer rather than being part of an endless consumption cycle of breakdown and replacement, or the sustainable materials and production processes used, each mat has its own unique benefits so that you can choose the one that meets your needs.

You can also inquire about the option of custom screen printed Yoga Mats from a Melbourne print studio.

Yoga Mats from Melbourne Designers

We are proud to offer our own mats alongside the very best yoga mats in the world. When they browse through our selection of yoga mats, Melbourne locals will find mats from Europe alongside our own local designs.

The one thing all of these mats have in common is their high quality. Many will last a lifetime, and several designs actually improve with use, becoming more resilient with improved traction as you continue to practise.

Yoga Mats Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra, Melbourne or Hobart Locals can take anywhere.

Yoga Mats Sydney Locals Can Take Anywhere

Our traveller yoga mats are ones Sydney locals can take with them wherever they roam. Weighing only 400 grams, while still providing incredible grip and support for your practice. Then there are options such as the Kurma Lite Professional Yoga Mat, a more portable version of the classic Kurma designs.

Many of our mats will perform well when wet, perfect for hot yoga, or a morning session outside on a dewy lawn.

Yoga Mats for All Australia

From extra-long mats for tall practitioners to hot yoga mats with alignment prints and water transparent properties, our aim is to provide quality yoga mats in Australia that suit a range of purposes and styles. Meditation Mats

Meditation Mats

Of course, any of our yoga mats will also serve well for your meditation sessions. If you are searching for meditation mats that provide good insulation from hot or cold surfaces, then we recommend our various 6.5mm thick mats. These phthalate free mats provide excellent cushioning and are a great choice for allergy sufferers.