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Eco Blanket 100% cotton


Pure cotton blanket, handmade from recycled cotton fibre.

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Eco Blankets 100% Cotton natural colour, with hemmed edges and made from cotton sourced from post garment manufacturing process.

Handwoven, 100% Indian cotton this premium yoga blanket is dense and strong to provide the support required for yoga poses with durability.  Can be folded and rolled to provide firm but comfortable support.  Use for support in Sarvangasana (shoulder stand), sitting poses, prone poses and as a shawl when sitting or in Savasana.

Measurements: 200cm x 150cm
 Natural colour

Care: Washable to 40 C

Why "Eco"?   A lot of claims are made about the environmental credentials of products. At iYogaprops we attempt to source products with the smallest environmental footprint. We do not regard "organic" cotton as a, particularly environmental product.  While the manufacture of organic cotton uses less poison it still requires huge amounts of water, up to 20 tonnes per kg of cotton produced.  This is a big problem in a country like India where the water table in cotton-growing areas is plummeting. We look for recycled products like our Eco Bolsters stuffed with fibre made from recycled PET drink bottles or our Eco Blanket made from cotton recovered from cotton manufacturing waste. That's why we label these products "eco".

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