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Does Yoga Work?

"This book is not only for yoga teachers and yoga therapists, it is for anyone who practices yoga or is considering practicing yoga as an adjunct or potential antidote for a health condition." Donna Farhi, Author of The Breathing Book and Yoga, Mind, Body and Spirit

This user-friendly and long overdue addition to the scientific literature on yoga for a general audience is a must for anyone who wants to know "Does Yoga Work?"

Up-to-date scientific evidence on the benefits and risks of yoga practice. Answers to important questions are presented in a conversational but objective manner.

Does yoga work for chronic pain, depression, PMS and menopausal symptoms?
To invert or not during menstruation?
Does yoga really help with diseases like cancer or cardiac disease?
What postures are safe during pregnancy?
Does yoga help us breathe better?

A treasure-trove of information, quotes and stories makes this essential reading for yoga teachers, therapists, students and practitioners, as well as for researchers, health-care providers and policy makers with an interest in yoga. Important takeaways are presented in an easy-to-read, digestible format. Key points, stories from practitioners, fun illustrations and the oodles of quotations all make the information accessible. Each chapter ends with "Tips for Teachers & Therapists" and "Tips for Students" for particular issues (e.g. diabetes, asthma, PTSD, etc.) gleaned from the author's careful reading of the evidence available. These comprise an invaluable resource for informed decision-making, both in the teaching and practice of yoga.

The author, Mary Flaherty, PhD has had a life-long dual passion for both science and yoga. As an academic she has worked at universities in Europe, Japan and Australia. She is a dedicated science communicator, writer, psychologist and yoga teacher. She has also drawn the illustrations and cartoons which bring the data to life. Fully referenced and indexed. Does Yoga Work?- Read and find out!

Format Paperback 279 pages

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