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Yogashastra - Tome 5


Yoga for Children - The final book in the series Yogashastra. .

Yogashastra Tome 5

This book is meant as a text for the children appearing for the final level, the praman patra examination. However, the contents of the book are such that any student of Iyengar yoga would appreciate irrespective of their age and intention to get assessed.

The book is divided into three sections.

Section 1 is further divided into 3 parts.

Part 1 introduces Indian philosophy including yogic philosophy; yogic texts; yogic view of creation nature of human being and yogic view of the body. It explains the theory of karma through which one understands why each human being is different from another. Man is caught between the polarities of good and evil, virtue and vice, and moral and immoral. This led him to seek the highest embodiment in the perfect soul, God who is supreme, unaffected by afflictions, untouched by actions and reactions, and free from joy and sorrow. Yogic practices such as chitta prasādanam, kriyāyoga and pratipaksha bhāvanam helps to create yogic attitudes which convert the common mind into a yogic mind. The liberation of the soul from the cycles of birth and death is the goal of yoga which is achieved in the state of kaivalya.

Part 2 is devoted to the life and teachings of Sages Vashistha and Vishvāmitra.

Part 3 guides you in knowing your body as per the yogic view as well as an understanding the human reproductive system.

Section 2 is dedicated to practicing tapas.

Part I teaches you āsana-s; learn their names, the methods to perform them, and their effects.

Shavāsana and basic Ujjayi prānāyāma are introduced in Part 2.

Part 3 describes the practice of asana-s with props and their application for day-to-day problems. A guide to a regular sequence of practice will help you in your daily practice.

Section 3 is a workbook to help you assess your own knowledge.

Author: Teachers from Ramamani Iyengar Yoga Institute Format: 184 pages | Paperback

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