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  1. Kurma travel mat 4.2 MM

    Kurma Lite Professional Yoga Mat (4.2mm) - Wholesale

    The Kurma Sadhana Lite professional yoga mat is a light version of the Kurma Classic Professional mat.

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    From $69.50

  2. Kurma Classic pro mat 6 MM

    Kurma Sadhana Professional Yoga Mat (6.5mm) - Wholesale

    The classic Kurma Sadhana professional yoga mat known worldwide.

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    From $99.50

  3. Easy Grip Yoga Mat

    Easy Grip Yoga Mat - Wholesale

    The popular and well priced easy grip yoga mat, great for travel and home.

    Colours: Purple, Blue, Green, Orange, Red and Sage. Weight: 1.3kg Measurements: 180cm x 60cm x 4mm

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    From $12.95

  4. Studio yoga mat

    Studio Yoga Mat - Wholesale

    Studio Yoga mat is a high density and 6mm thick yoga mat.

    Colours: Royal blue & Charcoal
    180cm x 60cm x 6mm

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    From $19.25

  5. TPE Yoga Mat - Wholesale

    TPE Yoga Mat - Wholesale

    This synthetic rubber mat has no nasty chemicals and is biodegradable.

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    From $33.95

  6. Emerald Mat iYogaprops

    Emerald Natural Rubber Yoga Mat - Wholesale

    iYogaprops premium natural rubber mat.

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    From $39.95

  7. Studio Yoga Mat: extra long

    Extra Long Studio Yoga Mat - Wholesale

    Longer version of the popular studio mat.

    Colours: Blue  Charcoal
    200cm x 60cm x 6mm

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    From $21.00

  8. Airflow Mat Bags - Blue

    Airflow Mat Bags - Wholesale

    Durable ventilated yoga mat bag with adjustable carrying strap.

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    From $9.50

  9. Traveller mat 2

    Traveller Yoga Mat - Wholesale

    Travel yoga Mat

    Weight: 400 grams Measurements: 60cm x 184cm x 2mm Colour: Blue

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    From $27.50

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