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Wooden Props - Wholesale

  1. Wooden Yoga Block

    Yoga Block - Wood - Wholesale

    Our eco-friendly wooden block.

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    From $27.50

  2. Foldaway Backbender

    Foldaway Backbender - Wholesale

     with Kapotasana Extension.

    The second generation of IYOGAPROPS well known folding backbender, now with square cross bars for greater comfort and with kapotasana extension for increased functionality. Foldable for easy storage and is elegantly finished.

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    From $385.00

  3. iyogaprops headstand yoke

    iYoga Headstand Yoke - Wholesale

    The only head-stander which supports full Sirsasana.

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    From $39.50

  4. Half block

    Yoga Block - Half Thickness - Wood - Wholesale

    Half thickness wodden block, wholesale Learn More
    From $21.00

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