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Patanjala Yoga Sutra Paricaya

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Introduction of Patanjala Yoga Sutras.



Patanjala Yoga Sutra Paricaya by B.K.S. Iyengar

Introduction of Patanjala Yoga Sutras.

All effort for self improvement is Yoga. Patanjali set the purpose, scope, methods of science of self development in his famous work Yoga Sutra. Yoga in his view was a process of complete control and development of one's personality, so that one may discover one's own true self. Thus, Yoga Sutra of Patanjali is considered as true Indian Psychology for self development.

Patanjala Yoga Sutra Paricaya is a yoga book that underlines the very finer aspects of Yoga Sutra as a way of living for the sanctity and benevolence of mind and body, considering the children and youth of the country.

Author: BKS Iyengar
204 pages
Indian publication


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