Get creative with your old yoga mat!

Just because its days as your yoga buddy are over, doesn’t mean your yoga mat can’t continue to contribute!

We’ve put together a list of some cool and funky ways you can reuse your old mat:

• Pets - My dogs used to lick their bowls around the house; feeding time turned into a bit of a treasure hunt!
• Cutting a section of my old mat and placing this under their bowls stopped them in their tracks!
• Gardening – laying a section of mat where weeds are present will smother them.
• Moving house? Protect your fragile items!
• Use as “non-slip” surface for steps around your home
• When loading heavy or sharp objects into your car, use to prevent scratches and pressure marks
• Run out of towels for the beach? Take your old mat!
• Use for cushioning when working on your car
• Line shelves to keep glasses from scratching paint
• Camping – extra softness
• Cut to size and put underneath chair and table legs to prevent floor scratching
• Use beneath rugs to keep them in place
• Donate to animal shelters – old mats are used to line crates etc.
• Cut out to shapes, letters and numbers for kids to play with
• Use stencils to create shapes you can hang from trees
• Place on floor in front of stove or sink
• Put under exercise equipment
• Use small pieces for sharp corners
• If you enjoy doing yoga outdoors, use your old mat instead
• Use for muddy shoes

As you can see, there are loads of ways you can reuse your old mat!

Remember to think green and creative, and don’t buy a new mat until you really need to!