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Yes we are open!

25/03/2020 10:54 am

Yes we are processing orders!

Due to the increased number of orders and restrictions in work space conditions we can only process online orders. 

No phone orders or counter sales

All our freight companies are working and all orders will be delivered.  

No local pickups. 

We have plenty of stock and are working through our orders in chronological order.  

Please be patient and allow up to an additional 5 days to our stated delivery times. We are a small team of three people and are doing our best to reduce this.

Thank you for your understanding, take good care and keep up your yoga practice.

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Yoga and the Climate Emergency

30/01/2020 1:50 pm

How yoga practitioners  can become invlolved in climate change action.

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iYogaprops and Carbon Neutral

10/10/2019 12:54 pm

iYogaprops is passionate about caring for our environment and that's why we are proud to announce we are officially carbon neutral.

We aim to offset all of our product sales and business activity by investing in carbon capture through native forest regeneration.

We calculate the total weight of goods we sell and invest in an equivalent weight of carbon in the form of native forest.

We achieved this outcome though our support for Carbon Neutral and their regeneration of degraded farmland in Western Australia.

Because growing tress takes some time to achieve the full draw down of carbon, Carbon Neutral make shorter term investments in renewable energy production so that there is an immediate carbon dioxide reducing effect of our investment.

Along with this we source quality prodcts and urge our customers to keep up their yoga proactice but use there props for a lifetime of practice.  That way the carbon the props contain stays out of the waste stream and out of the atmosphere. Of course we urge that you take this approach to all consumption. Buy recycled where possible, buy only what is actually needed, buy quality and look after things.  Where it is necessary to dispose of goods, seek out recycling options.

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iYoga Cushions back in stock

25/09/2019 4:33 pm

A big new shipment of goods arrived today. Thanks Gary Ross and Francis for your work unloading...phew!

Happy to report that the fabulous and versatile iYoga Cusions are finally back in stock after 5 weeks out.

Also in todays shipment are new colours of small bolster.  We've added Purple and Black to our Small Bolster color range.

Also today we have the most environmentally sensitive Eco bolsters back on the site.

Posted in News By Peter Harley

iYogaprops is the only yoga supplies company in Australia specialising in wooden yoga props.  Our ability to do this is down to a skilled timber worker toiling away in rural Victoria, Ian (Mick) Jackson.

The very first iYogaprops product was our design for the Foldaway Backbender.  As a product designer and an Iyengar yoga teacher iYogaprops founder Peter Harley saw a way to improve on the cumbersome but excellent Viparitta Dandasana backbend bench first used by B.K.S.Iyengar.  The result, a much lighter and more compact to store version of the prop with added functions.

Peter called his friend and part time cabinet maker Mick to make the prototypes and first production versions.  Since then Foldaway Backbender has found its way to almost 20 different countries and is now manufactured on a large scale.

As iYogaprops grew we became aware of a need in the Australian community for more of Iyengar's inventions.  Mick stepped up to make all manor of useful gadgets. Halasana boxes, Setu Bandha benches, wedges, Simhasana boxes, meditation stools, Wooden barrels, Viparitta Karani boxes, wooden blocks of various shape and size and the big showpiece for any Iyengar studio the Tressler, the large wooden tressle you may have seen if you have visited an Iyengar school.

Mick makes all these marvellous objects to exacting standards at his modest facility at Yackandandah in NE Victoria. He takes care to source all of the timber he uses from quality plantation timbers or where possible from recycled timbers.

Though the original designs come mostly from the Iyengar Institute in Pune, India, Mick and Peter have worked together to improve and adapt them to local materials and needs.

Over the years Peter and Mick have collaborated on many prop experiments. A few of them have come to production such as the internationally popular Headstand Yoke and more recently the Multifunction Prop designed to assist shoulder stand.
The work goes on.  Mick and Peter are currently working on an adaptation of Alan Goode's kick board prop.

Below a picture of Mick working on a biger wooden prop.  As a volunter repairing a tressle bridge on the Northern Victorian Rail Trail.

MIck on a bigger timber [project. Repairing a bridge on the Beechworth Rail Trail

Posted in News By Peter Harley

After a year of searching for a new manufacturer for our headline product Foldaway Backbender we are delighted to announce it is back in stock!

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A lot of claims are made about the environmental credentials of products. At iYogaprops we attempt to source products with the smallest environmental footprint.

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Yoga props and the environment

22/02/2019 3:32 pm

Like all thinking and reading humans, we are deeply concerned about the state of our planet and our modern human tendency to over-consume and in the process generate vast amounts of greenhouse gases and toxic pollution.

We believe that the practice of yoga is an important factor in raising people's consciousness about all things including our impact on our world. The introspection that yoga invites helps us to find contentment with the simple and to consider the wider effects of our actions. The mission for our business is to support this practice with as little impact as possible.

Here are some of the ways by which we attempt to minimise our impact-

  1. Wherever possible we source and supply quality products that will last forever. We reject the throwaway culture and the practice of built-in obsolescence.
  2. Where synthetic products are used we attempt to source the raw material from recycled stock.
  3. Where recycled synthetics are not available, we attempt to minimise harmful chemicals in production.
  4. Wherever possible we offer products which are made from natural materials
  5. Where naturally grown materials are used we try to source organically grown product
  6. We use wood from plantation timbers
  7. We minimise the amount of plastic packaging we use.
  8. If satisfactory function and longevity can be achieved with a lighter weight of material, we use the lighter weight thus saving on raw materials and transport costs. We pioneered the use of the Easy Fill sandbag where you supply the sand negating the need to ship sand around the world.
  9. We source our electricity from renewable sources.
  10. We use reusable cups for our takeaway beverages or we sit down and drink it at the cafe like civilised people :-)

We recognise that the very best environmental outcome is achieved if the product never has to be replaced. This means that the equation is not always straight forward. Is it better to use a natural rubber mat that might have to be replaced several times or a synthetic mat that lasts forever? The solution is not always as simple as choosing the natural. What water use, fertilisers, forest clearing etc. may be necessary. Consequently, we supply some high-quality low toxicity PVC mats. We prefer not to use TPE mats as they are not long lasting.

We have been able to source bolster stuffing made from recycled post-consumer waste (the best kind of waste). PET drink bottles are turned into excellent fibre for our eco bolsters. Our other bolsters are filled with organically grown cotton, a good second option though we recommend the PET kind because even organically grown cotton has an enviro cost.

We supply many EVA foam yoga blocks. Recently we have been able to source a new engineering of these blocks which means that significantly less plastic is used for the same amount of strength and resilience.

Our iYoga cushions are now made from a foam product significantly lighter than previous cushions and therefore using less energy. Happily, they are of an excellent and consistent firmness.

Most of our wooden products are made by an artisan here in Victoria.  He uses recycled or plantation grown NZ clear pine.  For our imported wood, we specify plantation timbers only.

We are in an ongoing struggle with our suppliers to get rid of the plastic packaging that most of their other customers seem to prefer. Where we can we request and use biodegradable paper and cardboard packaging.

For years now we have supplied cotton blankets from China made from reclaimed cotton.  Soon we will be sourcing a new cotton blanket from India also made from post-manufacturing process reclaimed cotton. We are excited about this new product.

The search is ongoing for the most enviro-friendly products we can find to assist you to become the friendliest world citizen you can be.

Posted in News By Peter Harley

Although the 1st day of January officially marks the start of each the new year, the languid slowness of summer in the southern hemisphere allows this starting point to stretch out throughout the entire month. You can take full advantage of the magnificent slowness of this time, to draw up the aspirations, wishes, dreams and ambitions in the that play in the field of your mind, and so gradually coalesce resolutions that are worth attending.

 In yoga, the Sanskrit word utsav, can be defined as a ‘container through which Consciousness moves’. One of the qualities of Consciousness is that it moves where and how it is directed. When we speak about utsav, we are referring also to what is being infused into Consciousness as it moves through a container.  

In your yoga practice you will already be aware of how your thoughts, your attitude, or willingness to surrender to the language of the body, shapes your experience of asana. Lets take this process a few steps further.

Below are a set of questions and a process you can engage with to mine the wisdom of your own heart, and reveal the resolutions that will support the next stage in your evolution as a yoga practitioner, and as a teacher. Engaging in this process will yield golden gems that will become resolutions that will be worthy of your attention and commitment.

  • What are you infusing into your yoga practice?
  • How does, what you infuse into your practice, shape the practice itself?
  • How does, what you infuse into your practice, shape your life?
  • What do you infuse into the body of your teaching practice i.e. your class sequences?
  • What do you infuse into each class?
  • How does what you infuse into your yoga teaching practice shape the class?
  1. Begin the process by setting aside about 10-60 minutes of your time (depending on your daily commitments). Take yourself to a clean quiet place where you won’t be interrupted.
  2. Choose a question to work with then hold it in the temple of your mind. Read it to yourself out loud, several times. Sit quietly.
  3. Allow the question to brew i.e. Write it down. Write it several times if you like. To take you deeper, you can use dictionary to sharpen your understanding of any word in the question that strikes your attention.
  4. Sit quietly for 1-3 minutes
  5. Write down what arises for you.

 You can repeat this process as the calling arises, immediately, or at another time.

 As you engage with these questions you will become clearer about your own personal yoga practice and how your body is calling you to attend and evolve it. You will also make discoveries about your path as a yoga teacher, and how you can serve your students more fully to experience the benefits of yoga.

 As you step into this bright new year, we at IYogaprops offer you this blessing.

May your personal practice flourish and yield great benefits for you, your family, and friends.

May your work as a yoga teacher evolve and yield great benefits for your students and your community.


Megan Harley   Copyright 2019


Posted in News By Megan Harley

iYogaprops Instruction PDFs

30/08/2018 4:23 pm

Some of our products have instructions to go with them. You'll find them here.

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