After a year of searching for a new manufacturer for our headline product Foldaway Backbender we are delighted to announce it is back in stock. And today we unloaded a brand new shipment. 

Peter designed FAB back in 2002.  In fact it was the product that launched iYogaprops.  Since then we have had 4 different manufacturers but they have all left the trade for various reasons. 

Each time we receive new stock - especially something as unique as this being made from timber and requiring expert joinery - we are always nervous as delivery aproaches even though we have approved pre-production samples.

Today with great trepidtion we cracked open a shipping container and nervously opened the first box out of the container... Drum roll... It's magnificent.

This is the highest quality of manufactuer we have yet achieved. We couldn't be more delighted or relieved. And each subsequent one that we have inspected has been equally wonderful.

We have exported FAB to over 20 countries over the years and it has become a common sight in many Australian yoga schools and even homes.

Another great thing about this new manufacture is that we have even been able to reduce the price to just $495 (or $450 for exports without GST). It's a great price for a prop that will help you look after your spinal and thoracic health for a lifetime.

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Foldaway Backbender in full Viparita Dandasana modeFoldaway Backbender folded for storageFoldaway Backbender in Kapotasana mode