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Bliss from Within

Two 45 minute programs for prenatal yoga.

Bliss from Within Prenatal Yoga with Zoe is consists of two 45 minute programs, one focuses on hip and groin opening with leg lengthening and strengthening while the other focuses on chest and shoulder opening and releasing. Then there are also helpful and informative sections on positions and massage for labour, pelvic floor techniques and partner assisted yoga, along with breathing techniques, baby bonding visualisations and home props suggestions.

Zoë, who 25 weeks pregnant with her fourth baby at the time of filming, presents the Bliss from Within Prenatal Yoga program. She is joined by Noleen, who is 22 weeks pregnant and Delvine who is 32 weeks. Throughout both of the specially designed yoga programs, modifications are demonstrated by the three women to account for people of all levels of flexibility and stages of pregnancy.

86 mins

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