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A Chair for Yoga - Book


A complete guide to Iyengar Yoga practice with a chair.

‘A Chair for Yoga’ offers a complete guide to Iyengar Yoga practice with a chair. This yoga book includes 350 photos and 150 postures.

Developed by a Senior Iyengar Yoga Teacher Eyal Shifroni, ‘A Chair for Yoga’ is a practical guide that will teach you everything you need to know about using a chair to improve your practice of Iyengar Yoga! If you are a beginner and flexibility challenges you, this guide will show you how to do the poses you find difficult, and relax in them, so your muscles will be able to soften and elongate. If your level is intermediate, this guide will show you how to extend the range and duration of the poses safely. If you are advanced, this guide will help you to work on difficult and challenging poses. If you are a teacher, this guide will give you many useful and enjoyable ideas for using chairs in your classes.

Author: Eyal Shifroni

Format: Paperback I 158 Pages

Dimension: 210 MM X 280 MM 10 MM

Publication Date: 2000

Publisher: Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Institute (RIMYI)

Publication City/ country: Pune, India

Language: English

Author: Eyal Shifroni

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