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Manufactured exclusively for IYOGAPROPS.

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Manufactured exclusively for IYOGAPROPS. 

The IYOGA chair & benger is a unique combination of yoga chair and backbender. The clip-on backbend extension "Benger" enables the IYOGA chair to be used for supported Viparita Dandasana. The combination of chair, backbend attachment and block has been designed to support the body in an almost identical curve to the well-known Iyengar backbend or whale bench. Benger can also be used alone for supported Matsyasana.

Chair dimensions: 43cm wide x 48cm deep x 86cm high
Seat off floor: 46cm
Seat dimensions: 38cm (wide) x 41cm deep
Benger dimensions: 18cm wide (padded surface) x 47cm long x 14cm high (on floor)

Colour: Black only
Texture: Hammer metal finish.

iYogaprops Chair & Benger Instructions PDF

IYOGAPROPS owner and chair designer Peter Harley writes:

"On establishing iyogaprops we arranged to have manufactured a custom-designed yoga chair.

"The basic design of this chair will be familiar to many teachers as it is similar to the sturdy chrome-framed chair which was available in Australia until a few years ago. We have made some modifications to this excellent prop, making it more functional for yoga. The cross bar between the front legs has been raised and the back rest has been removed to make the chair suitable for the practice of supported Halasana (see picture)."

"As an  Iyengar Yoga teacher and industrial designer I have worked with colleagues to make a good prop better.

"I have designed a clip-on backbend extension which enables the chair to be used for supported Viparita Dandasana (see picture). The combination of chair, backbend extension and block has been designed to support the body in an almost identical curve to the well known Iyengar backbend bench making the apparatus suitable for use by beginner students.

"Easy to use and stackable, the backbend extension is more versatile than the traditional backbend bench as it's feet can be raised to soften the curve for less flexible students. It can also be used for supported Supta Virasana, the student sitting in front of the chair and reclining. Freestanding, the extension can be used for Matsyasana type poses (see picture) for which it is much better suited than the commonly used block.

"The extension is available at a small fraction of the cost of a backbend bench. Part of the brief in designing this device was to make the purchase of a class set of backbenders a feasible prospect.

We moved from chrome plated chairs to powder coated when were informed by the Chinese manufacturer that chrome plating would not be availble during the Beijing Olympic Games as the authorities had banned it temporarily as they tried to reduce air pollution around the capital.  We decided to stop chrome altogether at that point."

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