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Wooden Yoga Props

Wooden Yoga Props

Most of our wooden yoga props are made in Australia by a local craftsman to our designs and specifications.
Those made offshore are also made to our stringent specifications We monitor quality control closely to ensure that you receive a product of the highest quality.

Shoulder stand - iYoga Multi Function Prop

iYoga Multi Function Prop

Made by iYogaprops.

Foldaway Backbender

Foldaway Backbender

with Kapotasana Extension.

IYOGA Headstand Yoke

iYoga Headstand Yoke

Build strength and alignment for full Headstand/ Sirsasana with support.

 Wooden Yoga Block - IYOGAPROPS

Yoga Block - Wood

Our eco-friendly wooden yoga block, durable and long-wearing.

Wooden Yoga Block

Wooden Yoga Block - Long

Long yoga block

Half Thickness Yoga Block - Wooden

Yoga Block - Half Thickness - Wood

Solid half thickness yoga block handmade from Australian plantation timber.

Quarter-Round Wooden Yoga Block

Yoga Block - Quarter-Round - Wood

Useful in standing poses, against wall and with tressler.

Wooden Slanting Plank

Wooden Slanting Plank/Wedge

Flat topped wedge wooden slanting plank that is made form eco-friendly Australian Plantation timber.

Halasana Bench

Halasana Bench

iYogaprops’ Halasana bench suitable for supported (adha) halasana and supported backbends.

Setu Bandha Bench

Setu Bandha Bench

Beautifully crafted Setu Bandha bench with dovetail joinery.

lie back and enjoy

Simhasana Box

Classic wooden prop for support in supine poses.

Viparita Karani Box

Viparita Karani Box

Support for passive, inverted yoga position.


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