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Yoga Props

Yoga Props

Viparita Karani Box

Viparita Karani Box

Support for passive, inverted yoga position.

Yoga Chair - Pressed Steel iyogaprops

Yoga Chair - Pressed Steel

Backless, folding yoga chiar.

Halasana Bench

Halasana Bench

iYogaprops’ Halasana bench suitable for supported (adha) halasana and supported backbends.

wooden barrel with model

Slat Wooden Barrel

Handmade in Victoria.

Setu Bandha Bench

Setu Bandha Bench

Beautifully crafted Setu Bandha bench with dovetail joinery.

Halasana Bench

Halasana Bench - (narrow)

Only 1 available.

Wooden Barrel Set

Wooden Barrel Set

ONLY 1 Available ! Nesting pair of barrels.

Tressler iyogaprops


Adaptable version of the classic wooden yoga 'horse'.

Wooden Slanting Plank

Wooden Slanting Plank/Wedge

Flat topped wedge wooden slanting plank that is made form eco-friendly Australian Plantation timber.

Foam Slanting Plank

Foam Slanting Plank/Wedge

iYogaprops foam slanting plank is an important components of a yoga kits often used by teachers.

IYOGA Chair & Benger

iYoga Chair & Benger Kit

Manufactured exclusively for IYOGAPROPS.


iYoga Chair

Manufactured exclusively for IYOGAPROPS.


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