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Patanjali - CD

Patanjali - A celebration in music and asana DVD & CD

with Michael Kieran Harvey.

Geeta Iyenger Intensive 2014 DVD

Geeta Iyenger Intensive 2014 DVD

A seed course.

Raga Unveiled - India's Voice DVD

Raga Unveiled - India's Voice DVD

History and essence of North Indian Classical Music

From Now Om by Leo Dale

From Now OM

CD of music by Leo Dale that invokes deep inner peace.

Geeta Iyengar Pranayama Intensive DVD set

Geeta Iyengar Pranayama Intensive 2013 DVD set

Geeta Iyengar conducting a special Pranayama 12 DVD set.

Breath of the Gods

Breath of the Gods

A Journey to the Origins of Modern Yoga.

The Yoga Nook - Beginner' Guide to Yoga

The Yoga Nook - Beginners' Guide to Yoga

An Introduction to the basics with Linda Apps.

PRANA SAMANA - creating a home practice

Prana Samana - Creating a home practice

A definitive guide to traditional Hatha yoga posture.

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